Tuesday, 13 January 2015

‘When I Look In the Mirror, I See the Face Of a 30 Year Old’- Nike Oshinowo on Plastic

Former beauty queen, Nike Oshinowo graced the last weekend’s cover of Vanguard’s Allure magazine, where she talked about life as we know it; her kids, new talk show, plastic surgery, et al.

On her new talk show:
It’s no secret that I love TV. I’m a very visual person. With ‘Late Night with Nike Oshinowo’, I want to bring our industry leaders, designers, political leaders and musicians – really anyone who’s influencing pop culture – closer to its public through the means of frank, candid interviews.
On life as a single mum:
Like everyone else, I just do the best I can. I’m constantly juggling. I constantly feel guilty. I constantly feel I should be better and should be doing a lot more with them. As a mother, it’s never ending. But I do acknowledge that I am very lucky to have a phenomenal team at home.
On if she would ever undergo plastic surgery:
It’s so easy for someone who looks like me to say NO; when every time I look in the mirror the face of a thirty-year old stares back at me. If I didn’t look like this; if I hadn’t aged so well; who knows? It’s an impossible question to answer.

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